YouTube Growth 2016

Instead of online videos being the hot thing for marketing right now, YouTube still reigns the industry as the Godfather who can’t be pushed aside. From the content marketing perspective, more businesses are investing a large amount of money in to video marketing to engage and gain trust of their followers. There are growing number of

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Video Marketing on Steroids!

In the next five years instead of reading any articles people will start watching them. Video is rapidly taking up the place of content marketing. According to Cisco, by 2017, video content will account for 69% consumer internet traffic. Online video is swiftly becoming the key means to satisfy the consumers information and entertainment needs.

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Most Popular Mobile Chat Apps of 2016 and number of monthly active users

The smartphones have made connecting easier than ever. Earlier we used to call on a person’s landline, then started to call on mobile phones then dropped an email if not urgent. Those days are gone. Now, we just need to find a Wi-Fi hotspot and there are innumerable ways of communicating to someone without having

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