What’s the target of your social media marketing:To gain customers or retain customers?

As we can often observe, most businesses take their first step in the social media by setting up profiles and posting their updates there. However, after a couple of weeks they usually tend to get uncertain about this social media marketing as they couldn’t see the expected outcome from social media marketing. As everything else in your business needs a plan of action, social media marketing also needs that to gain potential benefits. Therefore the first important thing is to know your target audience in social media platforms in order to achieve success with your social marketing campaigns. Once you know who your target audiences are you can easily elevate your customer base in a dramatic way by upgrading the power of your social media marketing. However, without previous experiences or insight getting started with social media marketing could be a little challenging. It is very important to know the fundamentals of social media marketing.

Therefore its always worth your time and investment figuring out who you need to connect and engage with on social media. It is one of most important ways to gain and retain customers. You should always be aware of your customer base. Track down the growing, flat and declining of your customer base to identify who should you hold on to and who to let go. It is always safe to let go of the customers who buy your products only when you give them a discount. That kind of buying only cuts deep into margins. Social media is most effective ways that helps you know the customers well.

As you are always eager to know what are you doing right and try to do more if possible, likewise you should also know what you are doing wrong and eliminate it if possible. One way of doing it is to connect personally with your customers through e-mails, phone calls and newsletters. Find out what interests your customers and what is cutting down your customer base. If you are able to fix the problem and satisfy your customer with personalized solutions it more likely that you are going to have strong hold on controlling your customer base.

Gaining and retaining customers is somehow connected to each other. While gaining customer is the most important part for your business or product to stay in the market, retaining potential customers will help your business to grow and prosper. Finding out ways to engage your customers in a way that entice them and makes better in some way will definitely help to retain and grow potential customer base as the pleased customers always tend to refer your company or product to their friends and family. Therefore know your requirement and focus on that to achieve success in the social media marketing.

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