Latest trends in digital marketing

Its been an open truth that social media has changed the face of digital marketing in the world of marketing business. This transformation is so overwhelming and drastic that every successful company have to consider the role of social media in digital marketing for any of their marketing strategies. No wonder that last year digital marketing accounted 25% of the total marketing money spend. Moreover, the number is anticipated to increase to 33% this year. Therefore it can be easily foretold that in coming years digital marketing is going to cost the most among all expenses for a product in a company.

However, the question remains that where does that huge amount of money goes? Well, the answer is simple; it goes to the most popular social networking sites Facebook and Twitter for advertising. Therefore, it is good to know before hand the digital marketing trends as we have just start off the year. Our experienced team have done a research on the market flow on digital marketing and the most promising trends are what we are likely to discuss in here. We hope it will help you to track and identify the nature of digital marketing.

  • Firstly we should say that businesses that were investing on digital marketing for 5 years and more have already started to become smarter in case of promotional emails. Earlier it was considered much easier to offer a company newsletter via email and build your customer list. However, the customers have become wary of handing over the email ids therefore the companies who try to grow their business on the this type of emails need to be very smart on how they promote them.As per our researches use of free e-books and white papers work well to entice people to join your list. It is just like if your content has more relevance to your subscriber it is more likely that they will continue to buy your products. Therefore, the key is not just sending emails but sending relevant and customized emails.
  • Majority of sales numbers of a product or a brand depends upon its well being. Customers tend to buy the products they like, know and trust. Therefore establishing personal relationship with every customer is very important for successful sales rates. Social media is the best way to help to gain that trust and infamy. The brands who knows these tricks and are investing in creating more trustworthy and humanized marketing experience are surely to hit the success drums in 2015.
  • Generating unique and authentic content is going to be the most successful strategy. This is not just compiling everyone else’s idea or insights but to produce your thoughts genuinely through your content. However, poor content quality may turn out to be damaging in terms of building subscriber’s trust and SEO.
  • Some brands use the social media to push their sales primarily. This is very important to note that those brands are not going to survive till the end of this year. This is about serious social selling which is actually misleading the followers and fans to push to buy any product and not to attract them to the product. Well, those brands are basically wasting a lot of money and time alienating the subscribers.
Very compact yet informative this research of our team should help you to understand the recent digital marketing trends.

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