Does HOLLYWOOD count Social Media popularity for casting?

For marketing of any business the role of social media in undeniable. It is easy, hassle-free and reaches to the world within a blink of an eye. Businessmen, marketers today target the social media as the main platform to reach the world and are investing a major amount of money in digital marketing which includes social media publicity.
The biggest cinema industry, Hollywood is not any exception. Social media today, is playing a big role in marketing of an upcoming movie. For a very long time Hollywood has been relying on consumer surveys for answering any question about any film that is soon due for release. Back then it seemed very easy for the studios to use the data that is provided roughly before a month of release to manage to improve the ticket sales for the opening of any film. But those movie campaign have grown considerably longer, more complex and even more expensive.

However, to help those studios in making a potentially strong marketing and improving the sales of a movie some entertainment data companies are using the social media to watch over the consumers reactions on a movie’s promotional efforts. They are providing a portal for each film, in which the producers can log in at any time and check on the status of consumer reports and charts to chalk out the audience responses much before the film’s release.

The involvement of social media has created a data boom. There are several agencies who work to analysis these pre-release data and consumer feedback for the benefit of the film. Agencies like, Fizziology, ListenFirst Media and Moviepilot are focusing on the data reports received from several social media activities and fan engagement information to make reports by human analysis and not just any algorithmic synthesis. These agencies provide demographic data that helps the producers to plan for the promotions accordingly. These researches and analysis really help the producers to understand that whether or not a film is going to have a large audience.

There is another trend going in Hollywood that has social media like Facebook and Twitter playing great roles in. the producers seemed to cast any actor or actress based on their social media popularity. To support this information the agencies have found out an nice equation of famous actor Mark Wahlberg’s social media appearance. They say how much social media metrics can affect an actors professional and personal life is clearly visible in Mark’s case. From having no official appearance in Social media to having 9 million fans in just 27 days is a remarkable effect of social media’s important in Hollywood. Mark has reached 52.65 million people with 7.54 million active followers within a month. Many believe that Mark Wahlberg’s casting in the film “The Fighter”, the fourth installment of Micheal Bay franchise also points to the direction of Mark’s growing social media metrics.

However, this is a very early stage of Hollywood using the social media metrics. It is still considered to be in its infancy as the studios too are not eagerly analyzing the quality of the actors involvement in social media and they are not even segmenting an actor’s followers into targeted demographics yet. Therefore actors are seen using the Facebook and Twitter for publicizing their work whether or not they are asked to do so.

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