Is directory submission still good for SEO?

As with just every other SEO and digital marketing method developed, the process of directory submission has also gone through its share of controversies. After some strict updates like Panda and Penguin, Google has started to penalize the fishy link profiles for flat content. Since the confusion about directory submission being good for SEO has been increased. Well, the answer is, Yes. Provided that you follow and determine some guidelines or standards for your website which is capable of benefiting you tremendously, even if you are just a beginner.

There are certain rules that you may want to follow if you are looking for a directory submission service for your website or wish to handle the submission process yourself, either way, keep a few things in your checklist.

  • Do not use automatic directory submission services. Just like the real world, online too needs you to keep a good company. There are several sites that offer to submit your website to hundreds of directories at once. Beware of those sites, as you may end up submitting your website to some inappropriate pages filled with above the fold advertising.
  • Always remember to check the page rank, when your goal is to increase your visibility on search engines like Google. A directory with poor page rank can never bring you up in the SERPs, instead it may drag your website down on the other hand.
  • Tracking your submission can help you avoid duplication and streamline your submission process. Therefore, put some extra efforts to your link building attempts, always try to track your directory submissions.
  • Try to be selective while choosing directories. Make sure your submissions are niche-appropriate, that may create less but quality links for your website rather than hundreds of bad and inappropriate links that may ruin your business reputation wasting all your efforts and investments. Needless to mention the harassment of what happens if Google finds your website running among the blacklisted crowd.
  • Try to invest a good amount of money while hiring directory submission services. As the cheap submission services are not the experts and they might not find you the suitable directories manually. Most of the cheap submission services do it by some software and plays the number game. Therefore, the inherent risk in those services is obviously high. Whereas, hiring the experts for directory submission may find you the appropriate directories manually for your website keeping in mind all of your requirements.

Directory submission therefore, is now a integral part of targeted online digital marketing strategy. Keeping those basic rules in mind you can definitely get benefits from directory listings and SEO efforts.

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