YouTube Growth 2016

Instead of online videos being the hot thing for marketing right now, YouTube still reigns the industry as the Godfather who can’t be pushed aside. From the content marketing perspective, more businesses are investing a large amount of money in to video marketing to engage and gain trust of their followers. There are growing number of personalities who want to take their talent or work to the massive viewership that exist online.

YouTube’s head of content Robert Kyncl says that with competition with Facebook and Twitter every platform wants to add a video to their content in last 12 months, which actually proved helpful for YouTube. He also added that YouTube is booming and believed to have grown into a $200-$400 billion market over the past few years.

More than 50% of viewers in mobile device has generated a traffic that is able to produce nearly 100% growth of yearly mobile revenue. Kyncl highlighted that YouTube is the only platform to return a majority of revenue to the content creators. About 15 million partners accept checks from YouTube. It is also paying attention to reward its most popular creators a higher rate. In the last quarter YouTube introduced Google Preferred, a system that enables advertisers to target the top 5% of YouTube content with ads that can’t be skipped. YouTube claims that the creators in the program receives 70% annual revenue growth compared to 505 for YouTube creators overall.image

According to some recent studies of digital marketing, an unbelievable 6 billion hours of video watched monthly on YouTube by almost around 1 billion users. There’s no place of doubt that many small and big businesses would gladly want to be even a small part of that six billion hours.

Statistics say that YouTube is the second  largest Search engine on the web after  Google. Although if someone says that  Google only owns YouTube, but the  combined search volume is simply  shocking. A further research  by Kissmetrics says that people are  searching for all kinds of things on  YouTube making the traffic absolutely  monumental. The trend says that online  video users are expected to double to 1.5  billion in 2016, which is slightly over 1/7  of the entire world’s population.

It is inevitable that many companies are  looking to invest greater amounts of capital into their video and YouTube strategy. A stat by Brainshark reveals that 33% of tablet owners watch one hour of video per day on their device.

Therefore, the popularity of video marketing will continue to grow, making YouTube the leader in this industry.

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