Most Popular Mobile Chat Apps of 2016 and number of monthly active users

The smartphones have made connecting easier than ever. Earlier we used to call on a person’s landline, then started to call on mobile phones then dropped an email if not urgent. Those days are gone. Now, we just need to find a Wi-Fi hotspot and there are innumerable ways of communicating to someone without having to concern the network provider.
Of course, we are talking about mobile chat apps. They are in the business and there are plenty to choose from. However, the key thing to keep in mind is that different apps work best on condition that who you want to contact: relative, friend, colleague or stranger. The tone and format is important. With growing market, the chatting apps are becoming more feature-packed.

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Here are top 5 mobile chat apps that are currently busy connecting people.
WhatsApp: People were surprised to when Facebook bought WhatsApp in $ 19bn deal last February. WhatsApp was already boasting with more than 500 million monthly active users (MAU), and currently is on 900 million. It has a clean and simple interface, allows photo, video, audio media and group chats. You can contact anyone on their phone number anywhere in the world. It works well on iOS, Android, Windows, Nokia and Blackberry.
Facebook Messenger: Facebook Messenger is the only way to chat via Facebook on smartphones and tablets. Over 500 million people downloaded it. Basically the users didn’t have any choice otherwise. Needless to say that the user base is automatically large. It offers an array of stickers, allows photos, voice messaging as well as Wi-Fi free calls. Privacy wise though, it doesn’t have the best record. It works smoothly on iOS, Android, Windows and blackberry.
WeChat: Boasting with 500 million users WeChat is going popular around the world.
Skype: It’s more like a video calling app, currently has a 300 million MAUs around the world. It also allows text messages, emoticons, voice messages. It uses a unique Skype id for its interface. You can also share photos and videos with friends.
Viber: It’s easy to set up and offers a variety of options. Viber uses your phone number as your login and sync with your contacts to help you find Viber using contacts. It offers a range of features and also allows calls to Non-Viber numbers and landlines phones worldwide, but for a fee. It works well with iOS, Android and WP8. Currently it has 250 million MAU base.
Even though it has become a standard way to communicate, the one drawback of these mobile chat apps is that you need to be on the same app in order to contact. Although while text messaging it doesn’t matter which phone you are using.

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