10 ways to increase organic traffic without being penalized by Google

Increasing organic traffic is the stepping stone to many objectives which includes selling services or products, establishing brand awareness, position yourself as a thought leader or to connect and network.
Whatever, the objectives may be, increased traffic provides visibility that increases engagement and sales. All starts with website visitors. If you don’t get the traffic, nothing happens.

Unlike the past bloggers who only used to have one scheme to attract traffic to their website or blog, that is building email list, today bloggers and SEOs have many options that can increase the organic traffic to their blogs or website. While email building is still important despite the allure of social media’s hype and rage, avoiding Google penalty is one of the main aspect that bloggers and SEOs have to keep in mind. SEO is definitely not a short-term marketing strategy, it takes a lot of hard work, endurance and patience to get you more and more organic traffic. You need to provide useful content to your targeted audience constantly to increase the organic traffic each month as people will share your content with others only if it has some potentials.

You could also use black hat SEO techniques to increase traffic and boost your page rankings. But think about tomorrow when Google will find out and penalize your site and push it down to page 91 and this is obvious. There are many instances that shows white hat SEO tactics outperform the black hat tactics.

Here we have discussed some white-hat tactics, using it your blog or website can increase organic traffic without being penalized by Google.

  1. Associate infographics to your blogs:

    As visual marketing aid infographics are powerful source of driving traffic, leads and sales. According to The Content Cloud, “People remember 80% of what they see and do, compared with just 20% of what they read.” From 2010 to 2012 infographics search volume has increased over 800% says Unbounce.

  2. Share contents on community-based networks:

    Create engaging, practicable, highly useful and attractive infographics and promote it on community-based sites. Because if no one sees it, you’ve just wasted your efforts and investments. In community-based networks lots of bloggers come together to share tips and contents so chances are high of getting noticed. When you share them on community based websites you are simply recruiting bloggers, content marketers and entrepreneurs looking for useful contents to curate. Recruiting affiliates who promote your product is the easiest way to guarantee consistent sales. The more shares and natural backlinks created pointing your website, the more influence you’ll have and more will be the organic traffic you get.

  3. Increase social engagement and practice competitive auditing:

    If you have influence on social media, you can get thousands of people to share your contents which prompts search spiders to crawl, index and rank your page highly in Google search. Instead, if you see your competitors doing this while you are struggling, then learn from them. It’s very much possible that they are targeting keywords you haven’t yet discovered. Bryan Eisenberg have listed 21 tools that you can use to legally spy on your competitors. Know more about the market, your competitors, popular tools, emerging trends and you’ll definitely be able to outsmart your competitors. Target their top keywords and create powerful headlines using them to fascinate your targeted audience. Pitch your competitors’ high quality guest articles which Google has already identified, optimize for the same keywords and your article will also rank highly in Google’s top 10 results driving more organic traffic for you too.

  4. Target for long-tail keywords:

    You can generate long-term organic traffic only by optimizing for long-tail keywords or phrases. This might be a well-known tactic but the reason why it has become a cliché is simple that it works. In February 2014, 238,195 visitors out of 262,169 came through long-tail keywords in Quicksprout.com. That’s a whopping 91%. A few years ago, Amazon had 57% sales using long-tail keywords.

  5. Utilize Latent Semantic Indexing:

    Using latent semantic indexing minimizes your chances of getting penalized for stuffing keywords and manipulating search engines through long-tail keywords. Identifying patterns is all about LSI that Google uses to gauge the value of keywords that appear in your page content. If you help Google understand your page better, it will reward you with relevant users whether you appear on the first page results or not.

  6. Improve Digital reputation of your website:

    A recent study shows a one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to 5-9% increase in revenue. Moreover, 88% consumers trust online reviews as personal recommendations. In this competitive market you need to optimize your each and every aspect to get what is anticipated. Your online reputation is your personal currency. However, building reputation online, either takes time or money.

  7. Aware people about your site through public speaking:

    Public speaking is the best way to build your persona brand if done right. According to Public Speaking Success, 75% people suffer from public speaking anxiety that makes their public speeches a dreadful experience. When you conduct a bunch of successful seminars more people will start searching for your name. you don’t even need to optimize for your name. When Google will realize that a lot of people are noticing you, it will automatically push your website to the top.

  8. Resource organic outreach of your page:

    If done properly email outreach can be beneficial and lead to more incoming links. However, it has limitations. If you come off as an aggressive link builder, according to Moz, 31% bloggers will never open your emails containing link requests in subject line. Although detailed emails that offer value to the recipient are more likely to be opened.

  9. Include prominent social media sharing buttons to your content:

    If you believe your content is great then perhaps you should include proper social media sharing buttons to it. If you make sharing hard, no matter how outrageous your content maybe it will be invisible and eventually disappear.

  10. Take a joint venture approach: 

    Joint venture relationships multiply as well as amplify your marketing campaigns. If you are able to work with some of the well-known bloggers who already have a 10000 email networks, you have increased your traffic to a 1000 percent.

Remember, there’s no short-cut to success. You have to work hard. Take right decisions and if you have all that needs to make it to the top, no one can control your success.

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