How digital marketing can help small business owners such as by local SEO, local listing…

In U.S. Census statistics it is indicated that of the 14,441,089 businesses surveyed in 2012 only 24.8% reported to have a website, while 75.2% businesses simply don’t have any website at all. The figure is astounding enough and makes it easier to figure out why small business faces obstacles in promoting their products and services through digital marketing. However, only small businesses feel the barriers of executing an effective digital marketing plan. 

A recent survey shows some interesting digital marketing trends statistics which are:

  • 37% small businesses don’t use digital marketing tools for promoting their products.
  • 59% of the small business who own a website have created the site with some DIY tools.
  • 80% of the small business who own a site are managing their website themselves and doesn’t use any professional help for this job.

However, in this digital arena where everyone running for a competition, digital marketing tools, techniques and strategies can provide the small businesses the best chances for competition, survival and even business growth. Here are some reasons why small businesses should use digital marketing for promoting their business. The facts will help you understand the scenario better.

  • Digital marketing provides a platform that gives the big enterprises and small businesses to the same advantages and chances to attract their share of targeted traffic. It equalizes the resource levels which was previously available only to the big corporations.
  • Digital marketing becomes more useful for small enterprises as it offers more cost-effective marketing strategies than the traditional marketing campaigns. It is much helpful for the small businesses as they have limited resources and capitalizations. Therefore, it seems more effective to have a cost-effective approach for marketing that also delivers expected results.

Digital marketing provides more percentage rate of incoming traffic which gets converted into leads, subscribers and sales rates. Tools that are used for optimizing the rate of conversion are Search Engine Optimization or SEO, Social Media Marketing and E-mail marketing. These tools help to generate quick and effective interaction with the targeted audiences and delivers better than the average results in conversion rates.

  • 91% of adults in the United States always stay online and research online for the product they want to buy. Digital marketing caters to the mobile consumers and help influencing their purchasing decision.
  • Digital marketing provides a platform for the small business owners that helps interacting and providing the potential customers with proper engagement points which in turn gives you the insight of your targeted audience’s expectations.

There are ways in which small businesses can grow by using the power of internet. From affiliate marketing to online classifieds ways for developing your business online. The popular online marketing options are:

  1. Local listings and classifieds.
  2. Search advertisings.
  3. Contextual ads
  4. Geotargeting which means advertising to prospects in specific locations.
  5. Display ads
  6. Group buying
  7. Mobile marketing
  8. Online videos
  9. Social networking sites
  10. Affiliate marketing which means other businesses to drive prospects to your site.

There are countless options, experts and trends which can make digital marketing a head-spinning job for anyone. Therefore, it’s better to take a measured step-by-step approach by which you can start marketing your business online.

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However, there are numerous fruitful ways to use digital marketing as an added advantage in your business. The small business owners do have lots of tasks and limited time. So, a thoughtful use of digital marketing strategies, can become a key to success of your business.

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